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High Performing
Teams Training

Some managers are often promoted quickly without prior training or experience. Despite being near the bottom of the organizational chart, they play a vital role in driving productivity, employee retention, and morale within the organization, as they are closest to the people doing the work.

Effectively lead and manage teams

High Performing Teams Training equips frontline managers and supervisors with the essential skills to lead and manage their teams effectively. The need for this training is felt across various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, service industries, government, sales teams, technology companies, education, and nonprofits. Over time, the training has been refined through many applications to address the challenges faced by frontline managers.

Recommended Customized Training

Training Groups

Group 1 — Frontline Managers

10 Hours
Let's work on a way to improve how Frontline Managers interact with others in the organization.

Group 2 — HR Team Members

2 Hours
Streamlining and enhancing the human resources department is an essential step in growing a company.

Group 3 — Managers and their Teams together

8 Hours
Integrating the changes with your teams is, in itself, a challenge, which we'll work on together to improve in this third group.

Focused Modules

The High Performing Teams Training comprises four modules that focus on building communication and interpersonal skills. These modules cover the following areas: 




Outcomes & Feedback

By taking a comprehensive approach to these skills, this training helps frontline managers address the challenges they face and develop the necessary skills to become effective leaders. 

The results of the training have been both immediate and long-lasting. Equipping frontline managers with the skills and knowledge needed to lead their teams effectively has led to increased productivity, higher employee retention, and improved morale. Overall, the High Performing Teams Training is a valuable investment in the success of any organization.

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