Why Do I Enjoy Business Coaching?

Ultimately, I derive intrinsic (internal) value from being helpful. I don’t take credit for it; it’s just part of my nature. I find joy in assisting students, neighbors, friends, family, and even stray dogs. You get the idea.

Another aspect I enjoy is unraveling the puzzle of businesses. The concept of a business model is fascinating to me. What lies behind a business’s concept? How do a business’ different components function together, or where do they fall short? This puzzle is never-ending, with both internal and external pieces constantly undergoing change. I am consistently amazed by the complexity that businesses offer.

I like to utilize my knowledge, experience, and resources. Learning something is only valuable if you can apply it to help yourself or others. Trivia can be enjoyable, but its usefulness is limited to pub quizzes or game shows. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with over a thousand businesses, owning five of my own, holding leadership positions in approximately a dozen other organizations, and managing up to 125 people. Over time, I have acquired valuable insights that I take pleasure in sharing to assist locally-owned, independent businesses. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with remarkable thought leaders across various fields. I have listened and learned from them, and I find joy in sharing this knowledge to my clients.

The ultimate satisfaction I derive from coaching businesses stems from knowing that I have been helpful. Sometimes, satisfaction arises from witnessing business owners grow as leaders, while other times it comes from increased profits or improved organizational functionality. Ultimately, the greatest satisfaction is derived from witnessing tangible results for my clients. I take pride in knowing that I have contributed to problem-solving and helped my clients progress towards their dreams.